We turn data into dialogue

Revisual Labs is an information design agency based in India, working globally. We are an interdisciplinary team of data experts, developers, designers, and storytellers under one roof.

We bring together the power of data, design, and storytelling to shape a more informed and knowledgeable society. At Revisual Labs, our aim is to transform complex information into compelling visuals that are intuitive, beautiful, and easy to act upon.


Numbers aren't always memorable, but stories are.

We transform numbers into innovative experiences, helping clients improve metrics that matter:

  • Stronger grasp 
of information 
in less time
  • Informed
 decision-making by audiences
  • More user engagement
 and public participation
  • Greater memorability
 of data
  • Better
 accessibility to
 reach broader audiences

Our process

We’re more than just an agency. We’re your partners in storytelling.

We approach every project with a fresh outlook, crafting unique solutions for every client.

Embellish & Deploy



Clients come to us with a problem, an idea, some data, or all three. We listen to their needs and explore the best ways to achieve their goals.

Our founder

Gurman Bhatia

Gurman Bhatia

In Gurman’s world, data, design, and code culminate seamlessly to form impactful stories. Having crafted compelling narratives using these three pillars for over a decade, she is on a mission to democratize data-powered storytelling for everyone.

On the heels of her journalism training from Columbia and experience in newsrooms such as Reuters in Singapore, the Hindustan Times in Delhi, and the Palm Beach Post and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the US, she has mentored over 1,000 people in the art and science of data visualization.

Working with data to unlock its vast possibilities excites her, and she wants to build a community that is just as excited by the prospect of leveraging data for a better world. She’s also convinced that delivering the best value from data takes a village. That’s how Revisual Labs came into being.

At Revisual Labs, Gurman has brought together a team of passionate data champions with cross-dimensional skills across design, code, development, research, and writing to make these ideas a reality.

Meet the team

A tapestry of talent under one roof

When asked to write bios, our team created visualisations of their lives.

  • Gurman Bhatia

    Gurman Bhatia


    Gurman Bhatia started her career in journalism in 2016 with basics of code and design. Eight years later in 2024, journalism informs the storytelling aspect of her work, but otherwise has almost disappeared. Management is where most of the time is spent, followed by information design and web development.
  • Swathi Singh

    Swathi Singh


    Swathi Singh has had a multi-faceted career journey so far—she graduated with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, has 7 years of experience in marketing, comms, and design, and has found her place in information design. Outside of work, she enjoys diving, weight training, animal rescue, environmental advocacy, photography, and sports.
  • Aman Bhargava

    Aman Bhargava


    Aman Bhargava is fond of making art in ways that don’t involve drawing, writing and, increasingly in recent years, programming things on the internet. Data visualization, especially graphics for the news, offered him an almost perfect intersection of these interests and so that is mostly what he does on the daily.
  • Divya Ribeiro

    Divya Ribeiro


    Divya Ribeiro is a graphic designer and editorial illustrator. She is interested in projects that lie at the intersection of design and news. In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, running, reading art & culture magazines, and painting stills from her favourite movies. She also hopes to start her own print publication revolving around stories of her home, Goa.
  • Schubert De Abreu

    Schubert De Abreu


    Schubert de Abreu started working with data and ML early in Computer Engineering degree, but quickly found himself drawn to the creative side of things, particularly with information design. With three years of UI development experience, you can often find him creating interactive visuals with data on the web. In his free time he loves to draw urban landscapes, run and pick up a good book.
  • Deepali Kank

    Deepali Kank

    Data Analyst

We're always on the lookout for talented designers, developers, and tinkerers to be part of our lab. Write to jobs@revisual.co to work with us!


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