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Solar Power Solutions for Milk Chilling

Design and DevelopmentStorytelling

Data-led story with engaging visuals about WWF's technological interventions for India's dairy cold chain.

Client: WWF India

Sewage Spills in the UK


Static and interactive maps to explore sewage spills in different protected areas in England and Wales

Client: Unearthed, Greenpeace

Sewage Spills in the UK Thumbnail

Regional Data Hub

Dashboard designDevelopment

Story-driven dashboard to showcase migration statistics from the Asia and Pacific region

Client: IOM, UN Migration

Regional Data Hub Thumbnail

IPCIDE Data Bank

UX & UI DesignDevelopment

An interactive explorer for ICRIER's compendium of data on the digital economy

Client: Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations

IPCIDE Data Bank Thumbnail

Living Shoreline

StorytellingDesign and Development

Maps, charts, and illustrations that depict the impact of nature-based solutions in the Sundarbans.

Client: WWF India

Living Shoreline Thumbnail

Mera First Vote


An audiovisual data project with interactive explorers that capture the voices of 60 first-time Indian voters

Client: BehanBox

Mera First Vote Thumbnail

Reviving the Arkavathi River

CartographyData storytelling

A data-rich story with impactful visuals about wetland restoration in the Arkavathi basin

Client: WWF India

Reviving the Arkavathi River Thumbnail

SIDE Annual Report

Publication designData visualization

Data visualization and publication design for The State of India’s Digital Economy (SIDE) 2024 report

Client: Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations

SIDE Annual Report Thumbnail

The Manifesto Project

Data visualizationStatic charts

A series of charts capturing how the importance given to different topics has shifted in Lok Sabha manifestos

Client: Centre for Policy Research

The Manifesto Project Thumbnail


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